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This time of year, it is not unusual to hear from crowds of Christians bemoaning the current state of Christmas and how secular, and selfish, and generally Christ-deficient it has become.

It is also not unusual to view these people as whiners and spoilsports, out to ruin the fun for everyone else who doesn’t believe exactly as they do.

A perception that is substantially aided by the tone with which they present their case.

Which is generally whiny and obnoxious.

Now I think that most everyone would agree that Christmas has become over-commercialized. All you have to do is listen to the economic reports to realize that Christmas is Very Big Business, and given our struggling economy, is seen as the last shot at salvation for retailers across the county and perhaps around the world.

But although there are aspects of Christmas that most people don’t like, no one truly becomes dissatisfied with Christmas as it exists now, until they stumble across a glimpse of what it could be.

For example, what if instead of a struggle, or fight, or at best a festive crisis to be endured, Christmas could be a time of peace and reflection and generosity?1

What if?

I don’t think anyone would be against it. Even the giant corporations would sign off on it, if they could still somehow receive their truckloads of consumer cash.2

This is where the glimpse comes in.

Notice I don’t say vision, or blueprint, or High Definition streaming video documentary. That’s because I don’t know exactly what a fully transformed and refreshing Christmas would look like. I don’t even know entirely how to get there. But I think I’ve seen the first step, and it looks like this:

Now, I don’t know these people, but I like what they’re doing. Notice how refreshing it is to see action and encouragement rather that just protest and attitude.

Who knew christians had it in them?3

If you can, please contribute to the water fund, because it is ridiculous that today with all the miraculous technology of the twenty-first century, people are still dying from dirty water. But even if you can’t part with any cash right now, try to cut back on obligation and debt this year, and focus more on actually being there with your loved ones. Not only will they understand, they’ll love it.

It’s not too late to save your Christmas.

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  1. For one thing, the Christmas carols we sing would start making more sense. After a recent visit to the local shopping mall, I was considering changing the old line “comfort and joy” to some something more like “seek and destroy.”

    This isn’t all that unusual for me, considering that I do have a history of blatant Christmas Song Modification.

  2. In case you are new here, I don’t lose any sleep over the financial security of huge, money-sucking, corperate conglomerates.
  3. I suppose God did, but he puts a lot of faith in people