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Often, people inquire of me as to the origin of my awe-inspiring, yet manly Banner of Ultimate Ominousness.

Dan’s Magnificent Banner

They say, “Dude, who did your banner?”

Which I think is rather insulting. Why do these individual automatically think that I am incapable of such feats of banner creation and artistic splendor?

Of course I am incapable of such feats of banner creation and artistic splendor, but there is no need to assume that from the beginning. After all, I have managed to secure it up at the top of the page successfully and without incident or injury. At least so far.

In fact, there have been 0 lost time accidents due to falling banners at this site.

Anyway to dig the point out from under this sudden mass of free association, Danger Dan, author and creator of the Ominous Banner, is now accepting new projects.

More Coolness by Dan Baker

This is a major happening. Long have the web-needy masses yearned for this day, when hope would return for the beautification of the greatly-neglected webosphere.

Much like Willy Wanka, Dan has been frequently absorbed by his work, isolated from his admirers by his lonely dedication to his art, and frequently surrounded by sweaty oompa loompas.

But he is undergoing treatment for that last part and it in no way interferes with creative genius.

Album designs by Dan Baker

So if you are in need of some masterful web design or graphics work, contact Dan(at)

In a late breaking development, Bodacious Bryan Rumfola has joined forces with Dan at team for an action packed, two-fisted dose of design domination.

Some of Bryan’s Work

Just imagine how your creativity and credibility will soar with a full 50% of the Danger Couch team working on your project.12 If you can’t imagine that, you need immediate creative infusion and have not a moment to lose, e-mail immediately.

More by Bryan

Although the talent level of Bryan and Dan pegs all the meters, their time is limited to the meager twenty-four a day hours allotted to us all, so act now while they still has work hours available.

Chronic Over Seriousness is a real health threat to you and your loved ones. Don’t be a victim, subscribe to the Ominous Comma today.

  1. The only way to get the full 100% of Team Couch working on your project would be to be Danger Couch, and even then you’d have to wake a couple of them up.
  2. I really cannot, in good conscious, recommend being Danger Couch. Long hours, hot lights, excessive exposure to plaid: it’s worse than the Rockford Files.