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Hello everyone, this is Brent and I will be your author today.

I know it’s been a long time since I have posted here, but I did promise to take a break after all, and what kind of role model would I be to the next generation of impressionable young bloggers if I lied to my entire readership in such an egregious fashion?

You see I take my responsibilities very seriously.

And if those responsibilities just happen to include lazing about the house nonproductively, that’s a sacrifice I am willing to make for you, the reading public.

Brent Diggs resumes wrting at the Ominous Comma

Brent Diggs – Your Author

Now that we have established that, back to the post.

First off, I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and well wishes. It has meant a lot to me that so many people have come by to check in on me, some over and over again.1

I also want to thank all my real-world friends and family members, which I have regularly ignored during the course of my writing over the years. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Here’s to a saner, more balanced, more present relationship from here on out.

Now, as I do my best to whip myself into shape and try to remember how to type, I want to welcome you all to the new and improved Ominous Comma. As you might have noticed, things look a little different now. That is of course, because they are.

This new Comma features a clean, uncluttered look, streamlined site navigation, and a brand spanking new domain: (Feel free to update you bookmarks and blogrolls2)

Now when it comes to posting on this sleek new portal of Ominousness, I have decided to take up Greeneyezz on her sage advice and not return to the same burnout situation that I left behind. From this point on I will be writing when and what I want to. No schedules. No formats.

And it won’t always be funny.

There will be some humor to be sure, it just won’t be my primary focus. If there is one thing that I have discovered so far, it is that when it comes to arranging your creative priorities:

1. Be Funny
2. Write Something Worth Writing

…is an order that just doesn’t work so well. Unless of course you want to stick to the role of class clown.

As for me, having been there and done that, I am ready to move on.

Anyway, I’m not going to promise or limit myself too much here at the outset. I am basically here to respond to those who have called for me to return. My response is: “I’m on my way.”

I’ve tried to address a lot of the inevitable questions this transition has created, as well as the usual “I’m new to this site, what kind of hallucinogenic trip are you all on?” type questions in the FAQ. One thing I haven’t covered however is comments.

The comments on a lot of the older posts have been left in a seemingly random order due to my removal of the threaded comments plugin I was using at the time of their writing. My new theme doesn’t support threading just yet, but WordPress itself is supposedly including that feature in the next major upgrade. Until then, just think of those comments like random word refrigerator magnets, yours to order and arrange and create your own masterpieces with.

Thank you for your patience; I will do my best to reward it.


  1. If my lot in life is to bring out the sheer compulsiveness in others, it is a burden I gladly bear for this opportunity to serve you as licensed internet resource. Oh, and check out my cool new footnote thingy, just click on the red arrow to return to where you were in the post. Neat, huh?
  2. But not all at once please, the rest of the internet gets really upset with me whenever we crash it with our mass surges of traffic.