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I‘ve spent all weekend combing through my whine-o-dex looking for just the right excuse for not posting today. Unfortunately, nothing I found looked very plausible.

For example:

I’m Tired – What’s new there?

I’m in Mourning for Doctor Toboggans – Who’s going to believe that.

I’m Preparing for a Speaking Engagement – See reason #2.

But then I stumbled across a winner:

I’m allowing new members of the Ominous Coalition to catch up on their reading by going over a few highlights of our illustrious history together.1

Now that’s an excuse to take home to momma. A perfectly believable yet thoroughly artificial justification for rolling around upon my laurels and seeing if any of them stick.

However, now that I’ve raised everyone’s hopes I suppose I could wax historical for a short while, just out some misguided sense of honesty.

Okay. But hold on tight because this will be brief.

Doctor Harold Toboggans-funny psychology snarking and witty humor

For readers who have not yet grasped why I am coping with Dr. Toboggans absence/demise so well, here are a few examples of him in action badgering, battering, and badly in need of a shower.

Ask Doctor Toboggans

Carping Diem 14 | Carping Diem 22 | Carping Diem 12

For readers who are struggling with the current economic downturn, perhaps even now viewing this site by candlelight and hamster-power, allow me to refer you to my Buck-O-Quest economic recovery series for hard-hitting, nearly feasible, expert finical advice.2

The Beginning | Close to the End | Closer to the End

Really Close to the End | Pretty Much Overshooting the End

The smelly heart of a hamster fusion power plant

1.21 Jigglewatts of Furry, Pellet-Producing Power

And finally one year ago on the Comma everyone was all aflutter about:

Google Purchasing Luxembourg (The Country).

Go ahead, get educated, and enjoy. I’ll be back with more adventures soon.


I loves me some and gots a powerful hankering for some alltop too.

  1. Yes, I realize that spending three-hundred words explaining how I’m not going to post is, strictly speaking, a post in and of itself, but I’m really trying to shirk my responsibilities here and that’s got to count for something.
  2. Not responsible for….Actually, let’s just stop with Not Responsible…Yeah, that about sums it up.