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Nofollow Again

Fifteen months ago, in an attempt to reward those individuals displaying the taste and distinction to comment upon this site, I converted the Ominous Comma to a Dofollow blog.

Simply put, this means that every comment upon this site would add a small but cumulative addition to the originating site’s google ranking, allowing them to leverage their site’s visibility in the search results one comment a time.

Sadly, all this had done is inspire a host of nearly-random comments…

Dont Follow

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Personal Announcement

Hey everybody, Happy Friday. As we move ever closer to completing a full year of Comma mayhem I realize that I am changing.

No, I’m not referring to my monthly lycanthropic transformation but rather something more insidious…


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Hades Containment Failure At Ominous Comma

Recently, in a well-intentioned attempt at shirking my blogging responsibilities, I posted what I thought to be a fairly funny picture and invited the many and beloved readers of this blog to offer up their own individual takes on my lovely, hand laser-printed artistic creation… Continue reading

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Copious Comments – Guaranteed

You’ve worked hard on your blog.

You’ve found the best platform, selected the best template, picked out the best pictures of your cat.

You’ve poured your heart out onto the page.

You deserve comments.

CommentStone Digital Correspondence System

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Serious Thoughts on Commenting

Today I am going to take a moment to interrupt the generally humorous content of the Ominous Comma and try to explain my view on the role of comments on this site.

Blogging purists like to speak of blogs as conversations, where an author introduces a topic and everyone can add their opinions and experiences in an orderly fashion. One of the roles of the author/blogger then, is to moderate the comments and ensure that a clear and coherent discussion ensues.

This is a format that works well for blogs that are discussing issues or actual events… Continue reading

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Readers Say the Darnedest Things

After a brief summer lull, the Ominous Comma is back in full swing, reinvigorated, re-imagined, and completely restocked with a full compliment of superfluous adjectives. The Comma Comment Community is also once again buzzing and clicking, much like a toaster full of tapioca pudding, randomly erupting in sparks and errant observations.

Which has led me to revisit a question that has long haunted my thoughts.

What is it that inspires a person to contribute to the furious fray of professional humor commenting?.. Continue reading

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