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Bowling for Conflict

When some people tell the story, following Jesus marks the end of all problems. Birds sing, the sun comes out from behind the clouds, and you never have to eat leftovers again. This has not been my experience. Like every … Continue reading

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‘Christian’ – It Simply Doesn’t Work As An Adjective – Video

I recently made a video about the word “christian” and what it might mean outside of the marketing channels it has grown to represent…
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The Assignment

…Strangely, it seems that every time disaster strikes these days, whether it be hurricanes in New Orleans or the recent earthquake in Haiti, there is no shortage of supposed followers of Jesus rushing to blame the victims and declare the “judgment” of God upon them… Continue reading

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City on a Hill

Once upon a time there was this guy named Jesus, you might have heard of him or even read his book.

One time at a major public address, he said that the people that followed him would be like a city on a hill: unmistakable, un-missable, un-hideable. A prominent feature on the skyline of society… Continue reading

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Save Your Christmas

This time of year, it is not unusual to hear from crowds of Christians bemoaning the current state of Christmas and how secular, and selfish, and generally Christ-deficient it has become.

It is also not unusual to view these people as whiners and spoilsports, out to ruin the fun for everyone else who doesn’t believe exactly as they do.

A perception that is substantially aided by the tone with which they present their case.

Which is generally whiny and obnoxious… Continue reading

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A Short Conversation With God

Inflatable ChurchMe: So God, what do you think of the churches of Memphis…? Continue reading

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