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Wedding Accomplished

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Preparing for a wedding can be tricky, even if it’s not yours.

Especially if it’s not yours.

Especially if, to pick a purely and totally hypothetical case, the wedding in question belongs to your daughter…

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More Than A Feeling

Do you feel that in the air? Right below the humidity, a little to the left of the bugs? Yeah, right there. That’s anticipation. It occupies the atmosphere tonight, not for any of the usual reasons like air-traffic gridlock or … Continue reading

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Horrid Treachery – The Hot Comma Momma Strikes Again

Although we don’t usually give it much thought, life as we have come to enjoy it is based on certain unbreakable agreements that govern our interactions with the countless other formations of energy and matter which fill our universe.

Gravity, for example, never ceases to embrace us to the bosom of the earth, photons continue their emigration from our dearest sun, and even Canada remains content to occupy the darkened tundra of Extreme Northern America, conveniently out of the way of the rest of the continent…

The Hot Comma Momma strikes terror once again

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The OC Recommends

It’s been a busy week at Ominous Comma Headquarters. Among the Comma Clan there have been birthdays, more birthdays, an engagement, and a quickly approaching departure to a foreign land.

Anyway, to make sure people know I haven’t forgotten about them, I am throwing up these recommended links that I have found to be thought-provoking…

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I entered the establishment off a crowded thoroughfare. The place was dark, only the occasional splash of illumination painting the stark white walls. The scent of teenage aftershave mingled freely through the sparse crowd.

Music, blunt and pulsating, saturated the air like a rhythmic fog, filling every breath, every pore, with barometric waves of insistence…

Humor Noir - a first at the Comma

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