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A surprisingly long time ago I announced to the internet that I may (or may not) have returned to blogging. And then silence descended upon this site. Well I have been backā€¦. Just not here. Instead I have been laboring … Continue reading

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Halloween Tragedy In Progress

I interrupt my chronic abandonment of this blog to bring you the following announcement: After a long and comforting absence, Dr Harold Toboggans has been sighted again in Memphis. Reliable sources confirm rumors that the infamous psychoanalyst is set to … Continue reading

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Zombie Video With Doctor Toboggans

Bloodcurdling footage now available….At the newly redecorated Doctor Toboggans website. See Zombait for yourself Go there now.

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Zombies, Memphis, and Toboggans

On May 28th at precisely 6:32 pm, the normally quiet streets of downtown Memphis erupted into the flagrant flurry of festering flesh that is the annual Memphis Zombie Massacre. The roads ran red with corn syrup as the undead participants … Continue reading

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Offical Warning to all Memphis Zombies…

Doctor Toboggans is coming for you. And your now useless human currency. Let’s not forget the painful lessons we learned last year. You have been warned.

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The Center Strikes Back – Mind Over Memphis: Episode Seven

In which the ever-egomaniacal Doctor Harold Toboggans concludes his three-part assault on Church Health Center Wellness. Will he finally cure the Center of its not-for-profit orientation? Does he ever find the elusive Dr Scott Morris? Can he truly prevent prevention? … Continue reading

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