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Halloween Tragedy In Progress

I interrupt my chronic abandonment of this blog to bring you the following announcement: After a long and comforting absence, Dr Harold Toboggans has been sighted again in Memphis. Reliable sources confirm rumors that the infamous psychoanalyst is set to … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day

Stand by for an important holiday announcement Happy Fourth of July from everyone here at The Ominous Comma Be safe

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Happy Valentine’s Day My Dearest Blog

Dear Blog,

I still love you, I have just been very busy with my other…well, real life…
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Weekend Bonus – N’Dependence

In the spirit of the holiday weekend, I thought I might share a live public address that I gave several years ago in Memphis about the role of dependence and independence in the lives of spiritual people…

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Happy Fourth

Happy Independence Day everyone, be safe.

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Confessions Of A Highly Gifted Author

This is it. The first post of a new year.

At this auspicious juncture, many writers would take the opportunity to look back over the recently expired year and reflect on personal accomplishments, world events, or even sizable bowel movements.

But many writers don’t run this site.

Although several have been known to gaze with desire upon its fearsome might, none have succeeded in wresting the reigns of powers from my adjective-infused grasp…

Baby Comma Presents

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