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Due Process

By Chris Cameron

Last week Brent asked me to be a guest blogger while he was on vacation. Actually it was more like begging and I hate to see a grown man grovel so I said yes. I’m kidding, he paid me. Kidding again, he didn’t ask. I hacked his domain and hijacked today’s post spot because that is how I roll…

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A Writing Challenge for Funny Bloggers

In my brief foray onto the internet I have been privileged to work with some of the funniest people to ever post a blog. Writers of such wit and humorocity that lesser talents are forced to schedule their tears of envy for a time when they are not busy laughing…

Scheduling the Envy

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Six Word Memoir – A Meme Of Hideous Brevity

At long last I have interrupted my highly cerebral often classified meditations on subjects as vast and varied as Flatulence Magnetism, Sub-Aquatic Incontinence, and The Average Number Of Quarks Too Stubborn To Dance Upon The Head Of A Pin long enough to answer the challenge of one Jeffrey EllisContinue reading

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Innuendo Records Unveils Ominous Album…Meme

As always, the Comma is dedicated to the arts, especially the fine art of procrastination. In fact, I am such a supporter of that particular discipline that Catherine who originally tagged me for this honor, must have despaired that I would ever undertake the task.

But I have and here is the dubious result…

Hungerfordia Pelewensis ~ the Ominous Comma

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Blogging Week – Frumpy Friday

I’m sorry, Brent can’t come to the blog right now. He’s still a bit frazzled from his history test and all the blogging he’s been doing this week.

It’s been nice that he’s had so much fun with all his internet friends, but he still hasn’t painted the door frame for me or changed out the spent fuel rods from the reactor like he said he would…

Frumpy Friday ~ the Ominous Comma

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Blogging Week – Thursday Thirty-Seven

Welcome back to the unending torment that is Blogging Week. Today’s meme is a barrage of banality I like to call Thursday Thirty-Seven, which weighs in with nearly three times the tedious trivia of its mundane cousin, Thursday Thirteen…

Thursday Thirty-Seven ~ the Ominous Comma

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