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I’m A Trekkie Again

Back in the deep dark days of my childhood, before satellite, cable, or DVDs, back when even the VCR was just a gleam in some engineer’s eye, to be a science fiction fan was to be a Star Trek fan.

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SPF-100 ~It’s Not Just For Sunshine Anymore

Today I would like to bring to your attention an artist of the highest caliber. A creator not just of beauty, but of auditory magic. A musician of such talent and rhythmic audacity that I am humbled to even mention his name in print….

SPF-100 trance at its finest

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Desperately Seeking Spooky

Entirely too often I allow the minor distractions of life to blind me to what is truly important. Family, career, college, writing, acting, even sleep, at one time or another, have all come between me and my responsibility to keep abreast of my favorite blogs…

Spooky Soil

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Books I Haven’t Finished

In the lustrous, halcyon days of my youth, in that long passed season when MTV played music and professional basketball players somehow survived without tattoos or bodyguards, in a time remembered largely for Reganomics and reckless fashion-sense, I used to read.

In fact, I used to read a lot.

At the risk of waxing boastful, let me to say that for the purpose of this story, a “lot” was measured not by the word, or by the page, but rather by the pound of printed material…

This is a really good book ~ the Ominous Comma

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Cut and Paste Cinema – The First Ever Ominous Rant

Everyone does things that they later regret. Things that they wish they could blame on drugs or alien possession. Things that although seem rational at the time, later reveal themselves to be engraved invitations for suffering and endless recriminations of stupidity…

Dragon Wars, the Worst Movie since Timeline ~ the Ominous Comma

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How to Survive in Business

If you’re young, or merely masochistic, you may be considering a career in corporate America.

In light of the self-destructive nature of this decision, you would be right to wonder, “Am I stupid? What if I’m not smart enough to make it in the corporate world?”

If you suffer these misgivings, you are definitely over-thinking the situation, which is a habit you will have to cease if you are to succeed in a hierarchical organization… Continue reading

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