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Zombies, Memphis, and Toboggans

On May 28th at precisely 6:32 pm, the normally quiet streets of downtown Memphis erupted into the flagrant flurry of festering flesh that is the annual Memphis Zombie Massacre. The roads ran red with corn syrup as the undead participants … Continue reading

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Doctor Toboggans Threatens Cooper Young Fest

Therapist, eyesore, and my own personal nightmare Doctor Harold Toboggans is threatening the Cooper Young Festival with his presence this year, according to sources with the misfortune of being close to him. Insiders deep within the squalid confines of Toboggans … Continue reading

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Cerebitol AZ – Anti Zombie Patch

Sometimes incredible just isn’t good enough. Last May, when the revolutionary Zombies Anonymous program was introduced, it was met with rave reviews and hundreds of overjoyed customers. But Doctor Harold Toboggans wasn’t satisfied. He knew that there must be something … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Doctor Toboggans

After a long time of holding out faith, hope, and various restraining orders, it appears that Doctor Harold Toboggans is finally and truly gone.

Even the renowned Memphis Psychiatric Recovery Team has called off their search and concentrated their efforts instead on comforting his former clients during their time of grief and newly reclaimed cash flow…

Doctor Harold Toboggans-dry humor and funny psychology Continue reading

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Holiday Recovery

For many, the holiday season is a time of pain and emotional suffering. Broken hearts, ruptured spleens, and damaged livers litter the roadsides of this nominally festive season, leaving untold numbers collecting the discarded refuse like convicts under a particularly cruel sentence of community service.

And always, since the advent of human society, the only cure for such torment has been time. Or occasionally death.

Until now…

Organ Needles

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Copious Comments – Guaranteed

You’ve worked hard on your blog.

You’ve found the best platform, selected the best template, picked out the best pictures of your cat.

You’ve poured your heart out onto the page.

You deserve comments.

CommentStone Digital Correspondence System

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