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Weekend Bonus – N’Dependence

In the spirit of the holiday weekend, I thought I might share a live public address that I gave several years ago in Memphis about the role of dependence and independence in the lives of spiritual people…

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Happy Fourth

Happy Independence Day everyone, be safe.

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Weekend Bonus – Kind Of

I am spending the weekend working on my roof and doing exciting site maintenance to this, my exciting site.

Before I am done the the dead links will rise, the Technorati feed will be healed, and multitudes of witty humor fans will be able to find this site via their favorite search engines…

Brent Diggs and cleaned up Comma Clan

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Captain Kirk And Ben Gibbard – Weekend Bonus Video

In this video your Author, in the sort of earth-splattering expose that has made him a legend in the musical science-fiction community, reveals the hidden connection between classic Star Trek and modern music, particularity the efforts of the critically acclaimed Death Cab For Cutie

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Overheard At The Comma

When I saw “0 comments” I first thought people finally got bored with me, but several helpful individuals have pointed out that my blog is in fact broken and handing out File Not Found errors like dental floss at a rib restaurant. So, I’m trying again…

Computer Virus ~ the Ominous Comma

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Weekend Bonus Video- Hygene Optional

In this, my latest video blog, I share with the world a little known secret of of rock stardom.

You’ve heard the CDs, you’ve seen the shows, but until you’ve sampled the unmistakable bouquet of rancid sweat wafting across a poorly lit stage, you haven’t lived the rock star experience…

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