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What the Dysfunction?

As you might have notice, I’m having trouble with my Comma. As in so many other endeavors timing is everything, and this timing is a little rough. Currently I am: Co-producing Doctor Toboggans’s upcoming video series Mind Over Memphis Spinning … Continue reading

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Stranded In Vegas

The Quest for Toboggans has taken a slight, twenty-four hour and counting, hiatus as the intrepid Comma Clan find themselves indefinitely embedded within the Las Vegas Airport…

Not Quite Leaving Los Vegas

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Swerving Headlong into Memory Lane

…For readers who are struggling with the current economic downturn, perhaps even now viewing this site by candlelight and hamster-power, allow me to refer you to my Buck-O-Quest economic recovery series for hard-hitting, nearly feasible, expert finical advice…

The smelly heart of a hamster fusion power plant

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Vote For Your Candidate

Between family in town, friends in car accidents, and a lost dog, things have been a little busy around Ominous Comma World Headquarters.

Fortunately I have been able to crawl out of my den of excuses just long enough to whine in the direction of the caption contest entries and determine which ones have the stomach, or possibly the ear-protection, to proceed to the semi-finals…
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Desperately Seeking Spooky

Entirely too often I allow the minor distractions of life to blind me to what is truly important. Family, career, college, writing, acting, even sleep, at one time or another, have all come between me and my responsibility to keep abreast of my favorite blogs…

Spooky Soil

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Get To Work – A Guest Post By The Hot Comma Momma

Hello Comma readers, this is Camille. My husband Brent usually does the writing around here but he’s “busy” right now.

In fact, he’s been busy a lot lately, especially for someone that until recently was only working part time. But he’s working now, and between his new job, finals, and the upcoming concert, he says he’s feeling a little “overwhelmed.”

Clearly, he’s never been a mother…

Hot Comma Momma and the Tired Guy ~ the Ominous Comma

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