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Blagggghhhhh – A Complete and Utter Loss of Motivation

I don’t want to write right now. And of all the many things I don’t want to write at this moment, I think what I most not want to write is this sentence right here. I hate this sentence. Everything … Continue reading

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Answers to Questions People May or May Not be Asking

Every so often I like to pause the slow creaking machinery of this publication in order to answer certain burning hypothetical questions which, at least theoretically, could be troubling the minds of readers everywhere. Here we go… Yes, I’m still … Continue reading

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Mechanical Measurements

Have you ever wondered what sort of timeframe mechanics use to gauge how long a repair will take? Dog years? Light years? Geological epochs? This universal question takes on surprising new depths when explored in the steamy environs of the … Continue reading

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Important Info At MemphisConnect

Just a reminder/notification/random-particle-of-information that I have a new column up at MemphisConnect. If you ever wanted to know why there is a church and drug store on every corner in Memphis the answers is there. Even if you don’t want … Continue reading

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Ninja Lit – An Unprecedented Publication Possibility

Today we interrupt the near ceaseless flow of comic mayhem that normally clogs these portals to bring you exciting news of great relevance to the humor writing world.

My friend Bill Snodgrass is taking submissions for a book of faux-scientific ninja humor to be published under his imprint Double-Edged Publishing

Everthing is Ninja

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Due Process

By Chris Cameron

Last week Brent asked me to be a guest blogger while he was on vacation. Actually it was more like begging and I hate to see a grown man grovel so I said yes. I’m kidding, he paid me. Kidding again, he didn’t ask. I hacked his domain and hijacked today’s post spot because that is how I roll…

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