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Zombie Video With Doctor Toboggans

Bloodcurdling footage now available….At the newly redecorated Doctor Toboggans website. See Zombait for yourself Go there now.

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Offical Warning to all Memphis Zombies…

Doctor Toboggans is coming for you. And your now useless human currency. Let’s not forget the painful lessons we learned last year. You have been warned.

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Cerebitol AZ – Anti Zombie Patch

Sometimes incredible just isn’t good enough. Last May, when the revolutionary Zombies Anonymous program was introduced, it was met with rave reviews and hundreds of overjoyed customers. But Doctor Harold Toboggans wasn’t satisfied. He knew that there must be something … Continue reading

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Memphis Zombies Disperse – The Doctor Survives

Reports have been flooding in regarding Doctor Harold Toboggans’ appearance last night at the Memphis Zombie Massacre. Against all my fondest hope and sincerest wishes, the Doctor was not eaten, beaten, or even maimed by the undead hordes but instead seamed to find some common ground with those desperate souls.

Probably the thirst for blood, I’m guessing. Continue reading

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Hungry Memphis Zombies
Who will prevail?

Find out Friday April 24.

On the the streets of Memphis.

Well…not all of them. But Beale street for sure, and Third street, and Second.

And quite a bit of Main.

Don’t miss your chance to see Doctor Toboggans in person. You’ll probably regret it.
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Undead Invaders – Worse Than Toboggans?

But even as disturbing as Doctor Toboggans’ recent reanimation has proven to be, I fear that things are looking even beaker for the bluff city. Thanks to the diligent detective work of fellow Memphis blogger Lindsey from Theology&Geometry, I have learned that the city of Memphis is bracing for a full fledged zombie invasion…

memphis zombie massacre

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