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Life is full of ever increasing complexity. As soon as I finally figured out how to program my VCR I was rewarded for that daunting achievement by the advent of Tivo.

funny Dr. Seuss realty sign insults intelligence

Possibly the stupidest sign ever

That is why I prefer to receive financial advice in cartoon format. No technical terms, no fine print, just colorful illustrations and rhyming, rhythmic instructions that would make the late Dr. Seuss proud.

Or possibly begin litigation.

This whole approach reminds me of WWII era Warner Brothers cartoons, the ones where Buggs Bunny and Daffy Duck joke about war bonds, the draft board, and other patriotic fixtures of mid-twentieth century American life. It’s just the sort of propaganda that makes you wonder if the intended audience is highly wealthy children or really inbred adults.

The whole thing needs a companion poem to really complete the package. Something like:

How I love prime interest rates
I list them up among the greats
They fill me with a special glow
‘Specially when they drop real low
But watch out if they get too high
You might have to think before you buy.