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One day some the members of Jesus’ inner circle came to him with a question about judgment.

Trying to get their theology straight, they pointed out a man blind from birth and asked where to pin the blame.

Was it this guy who did something wrong or was it his parents? What caused God to curse him like this?

And Jesus explained to them that it wasn’t the anger of God or the judgment of God on display in the man’s life, but rather the assignment of God. That his condition was not a curse, but instead a canvas for God’s work to be displayed. (ref)

And then he restored the man’s sight.


Strangely, it seems that every time disaster strikes these days, whether it be hurricanes in New Orleans or the recent earthquake in Haiti, there is no shortage of supposed followers of Jesus rushing to blame the victims and declare the “judgment” of God upon them.

The very ones who could rattle off from memory that,“…all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” seem to spend these times of crisis concocting theories about how somehow the recipients of tragedy are especially sinful and deserving of divine destruction.

Enough already.

The assignment is clear, the canvas is prepared.

This is not a time for theories or excuses or recriminations. This is a time for action.

Let’s get to work.


For information on the situation in Haiti, places to contribute, and tips for avoiding scam charities see this post by Peter Greenberg.

You can also contribute through my friends at Help Heal Haiti.

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