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And it came to pass that when the storm of voting subsided, a winner emerged from the soggy ruins of digital democracy to claim his crown and the due honor that accompanied it.

And the people rejoiced, for they had secretly feared that the voting might continue unto their children and their children’s children and their children’s children’s children until all posterity cursed them for ever starting the thing in the first place.


And the beloved scribe came forth to announce the winner to the people that peopled that land and when he looked upon those people he took a long and thoughtful pause.

And the people began to plot together how they might stuff his head into a large bucket of gelatin dessert, but the scribe awoke before they could act and with haste announced the winner.

And he said to them:

“The winner is Wonderboy.”

And the people rejoiced again and ate the half-set gelatin and returned to their homes very pleased for Wonderboy.

The end

Congratulations Wonderboy, for your fine caption writing skill you shall be awarded your very own copy of DangerCouch and the Tinsel of Doom, a stunningly exciting DVD of happiness. Contact me to claim your prize.

Happy Saturday everyone