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The NSA couldn’t find him. MI6 gave up in despair. Even geographic legend Carmen Sandiego had no idea where in the world he was.

But where they failed, the unstoppable might and devastatingly good taste of the Comma-reading horde has prevailed:


Spooky has been found.

(Editor’s note: The grey one has disappeared once again into the ether, proof again that talent is the internet’s most illusive quality. But don’t let that dissuade you, please continue on reading and relive the joy of his one-time return as best as you can.)

In an event sure to sweep the dusty corridors of the blogosphere for years to come, the beloved animator has shown his grey countenance in public once again.

The ramifications of this discovery are numerous and great, but the most significant are:

No more lonely days.
No more tearful nights.
No more pathetic illustrations by the author.


The Gray Maven is back.

And as proof that this adversity has indeed made us stronger, at least in the field of slime-ridden protagonists, allow me to introduce the community’s newest fabricated personality:


Jeremy the Feisty Jello Fungus (courtesy of Pope Terry)

Yes the dream has become a reality. Jeremy has arrived, and in a surprising display of marketing promptitude, he has come with his own line of apparel.

So pat yourselves on the back if you can reach, if not rub up against a wall, because thanks to you the world is once again safe to laugh at.

Don’t take my word for it. Even the perpetually petulant Doctor Harold Toboggans was mildly pleased at this stunning accomplishment.

Doctor Toboggans Approves

(Click on the speakery thing for a pungent and undercooked sound bite.)

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