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It’s been a busy week at Ominous Comma Headquarters. Among the Comma Clan there have been birthdays, more birthdays, an engagement, and a quickly approaching departure to a foreign land.

The Rock snuggly nestled upon the finger of Little Miss Ominous

The Rock – We’re thinking of calling it “Dwayne.”

In spite of this furry of activity, I have written several posts. Unfortunately I have been unable to infuse them with the magic required for them to fly free on their own, and so I’m keeping them in the nest with me until they mature.  Sometimes good blogging requires tough love.

Anyway, to make sure people know I haven’t forgotten about them, I am throwing up these recommended links that I have found to be thought-provoking.1

  • SlowBlogging – This article not only validates my less than prolific writing pace but also reassures us all that even in the blogosphere some people value quality of quantity.
  • Ever wonder who’s really behind all the painful programming on christian television? Certainly not God, he’s got better taste than that. Discover the horrible truth in the stunning expose TBN Run By Atheists.
  • How can you help undisadvantaged children overcome the spiritual hardships inherit in a culture of assumed wealth? Sponsor an Affluent Child. (Via Ariah.)
  • You’ve heard of the highschool crush, you may have felt a man-crush, you’ve possibly even sampled the citrusy sweetness of Orange Crush, but have ever experienced a bloggy crush? Well you should. After all, it is about time I ended up at the top of somebody’s list…other than the FBI.

That’s all I have for now, but what about you? What issues have got you thinking lately?

  1. Doctors are unsure as to why I throw up links, some say it is Acid Reblog Syndrome, other think it’s somehow hereditary. Most of them are more concerned as to why I keep passing comments in my stool.