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In previous posts I have discussed the mysterious disappearance of the great anima-toonist Spooky as well as the role of this site’s readers in his joyful return to blogging.

In this same action packed exchange, there was also summoned from the thickening ether that surrounds both humor blogs and public restrooms alike, a certain gelatinous gentleman of questionable repute: Jeremy the Feisty Jello Fungus.

Like so many of us, Jeremy was conceived as a dare and is faced with the daunting prospect of finding meaning in a life already far exceeding any plans of his propagators.

But he seems to be dealing with it well, and is already a hot commodity on the interview circuit.

So here it is friends, in the first of hopefully several intallments:

The O’Donnel Contagion

A guest post by his Australian Eminence, Pope Terry.

Featuring Jeremy the Feisty Jello Fungus.

(In stereo where available)

The Perils of Jeremy ~ Courtesy of PopeTerry

You can also see Spooky back in action here.

Another source of back inaction is