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Welcome back Comma fans, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas.

My parents are in town from the Great Wet Pacific North and I have been having a good time with them, as well as the rest of the Ominous Clan.

I have also been catching up with my reading, not to mention some long-overdue outings to the movies.

Many people dream of one day meeting the stringent standards required to write for the Comma…

All and all, I have been charging myself up for an exciting year of new humor production. A year of zest and of glandular exhilaration. A year of relentless Commatastic grandeur. A year of blogging.

But, lest anyone should suffer during the long and humorless expanse of this year’s remaining week, I have pulled together a small sampling of the upcoming festivities lodged just over the horizon.

This first installment, which graces your monitor even as I type, utilizes a technique I recently pioneered1 known as Humorical Collaborationism.

This revolutionary, and soon to widely emulated, method of blog creation involves providing a decent sized group of intelligent and eminently tasteful individuals with an inspirational image, and standing aside in true Tom Sawyer fashion as they boldly take upon themselves the work of actually writing the post.

Many people dream of one day meeting the stringent standards required to write for the Comma.

Today, for many of you, that dream can come true.2

Remember, this isn’t BoingBoing or some other measly megablog where questionable content can hide under a pile of hourly postings. This is The Ominous Comma. This is the real deal. If your contribution is not in every way, “more fun than a mayonnaise enema,” delete it and start again from scratch.

Now that you achieved the correct level of reverence, here is your illustration.

Used Author - Cheap!

I am going to be a bit busy this week with the new job, but have fun, keep it clean, and I will chime in as I get a chance.

To ensure some lively banter, allow me to summon some humorous blogger types to this party:

Karl Wolfbrooks Alger

This amazing offer is on public display on the outhouse walls of

  1. For the purposes of this post, pioneered will been taken to mean, “stolen from ChrisC. while he was busy starting a new blog.”
  2. Strictly speaking, the Standards of Authorship which consist more or less of sheer personal Brentliness, are being waived, not met. But you can still dream.