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If you have had the opportunity to stroll around the Comma a bit, you may have noticed that I have a soft spot for bad advertising. In fact I have dedicated a whole wing of this fine institution to consumer commentary. However, on occasion I do run across good advertising* and when I do, I generally just grunt and mumble. Rarely do I publicly acknowledge those glorious breaks in the monotony of the otherwise intelligence-insulting field of product promotion.

But this is one of those rare times.


I am speaking of the Pisstakers, who have graciously begun to advertise the Ominous Comma on their site, which can be found here.

When I first came across the Pisstakers I didn’t know what to make of their name. At first I thought that someone must have lost a bet, or possibly that it referred to a segment from a new TV show like “Bodily Functions Gone Horribly Wrong.” But as everyone with the discipline and determination to look up obscure terms on the internet knows,** to take the piss is to mock or satire or parody or generally take the wind out something. (Taken from one of the more British dialect of English.)

And they do.

They offer humor, satire, and cartoons, but what I appreciated most was their technical information and general willingness to help people succeed in their blogging efforts. At their site you can get widgets for your blog that will pull up random humorous quote upon ever page refresh. You can also get free promotion like I did.

If you are into humor or blogging or both, you owe it to your hard-working self to examine this site without delay.


*On those occasions, I do my best to run across it several times, reversing and traversing back and forth until I am sure it’s dead.

**To me, research is like yard work. I can do it when I have to, but it‘s easier to just move.