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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome myself back to my own blog after my cruel and all too usual sentence of domestic servitude.

Having paid several installments upon my debt to society,1 Camille the Hot Comma Momma has seen fit to parole me, not so much out of any sense of clemency I suspect, but rather to meet with certain humor-thirsty Comma-addicts, address their needs, and with any luck inspire them to recovery, wholeness, and life outside our front yard.

Riot of needy readers demanding the return of Brent to The Comma

Let me make good use of this temporary freedom by thanking my guest bloggers for the tenderness and concern they showed in infiltrating my house, launching a hostile takeover of my site, and generally making themselves at home in the unguarded heart of my Ominous empire right when I needed them the most.

I would also like to causally mention to the authorities that these same characters can be found:



rsz_lod.jpgand here.

However in spite of the indignities I suffered at the hands of these site-encroaching blog-squatters,2 they did provide one invaluable service.

No matter what other unspeakable humor-siphoning rites they performed while in control of the Comma, they must have included an exorcism somewhere on the schedule because my own personal slice of perdition, Doctor Harold Toboggans is nowhere to be found.

For that, my dear mutineers, you have my eternal gratitude.

I’ll be sure to visit you in prison.

Solitary confinament cell for wayward humor bloggers

  1. The International Society of Attractive and Hardworking Persons Married to Your Author. Membership: one.
  2. Although you may not technically consider this surprise occupation of my blog squatting, that would only be because you didn’t see what they left behind in the master bathroom.