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TobogganSearch recounted – Part 2

Despite serious misgivings, I was persuaded by my youngest child to travel to Nevada in search of Doctor Harold Toboggans. It was a long and painful ordeal, far in excess of anything Dr. T could reasonably expect from anyone who had ever met him.

After an unpleasant beginning, delightfully documented in part 1, the suffering began in earnest. Follow along as we explore more sensational excepts from my poorly remembered, yet fully Pulitzer-worthy vacation journal.

Day 2 – Roadtrip – Las Vegas to Reno – 450 miles

“Highway 95, the thoroughfare that most directly connects Reno with Las Vegas, is a dry, desolate stretch of pavement that is measured not so much in miles as in urinary stops.”

The Search – Reno and Surrounding Areas

“From the moment we arrived in Reno, signs of Doctor Harold Toboggans were everywhere. His influence in that unfortunate township could not have been spelled out more thoroughly.”1

H as in HaroldT as in Toboggans

Spelling out the Doctor’s presence

“The city showed all the symptoms of prolonged Toboggans exposure: dry heat, restless wind, and sickened statues.”

Sick Statue

Statuary Nausea – the surest indicator of Toboggans exposure.

But in spite of such promising evidence, the Doctor himself proved to be hard to find

Day 3 through Day 6

“Throughout the city of Reno we searched diligently for Doctor Toboggans but to no avail.

  • We didn’t see him while playing laser tag.
  • We didn’t sight him in any of the casino restaurants.
  • We didn’t run into him while coming in late to The Dark Knight.
  • We didn’t run into him while leaving early from Journey to the Center of the Earth.
  • We didn’t spot him at the water park.
  • We didn’t encounter him at the homes of friends and family.2

Despite our most earnest efforts, the Doctor was no where to be found.”3

Will the Doctor be found? Will the family survive? Will there be more rhetorical questions?

Find out as the story continues Friday.

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  1. Okay, I suppose it could have been better spelled out, but it would have easily required a dozen or more additional mountainside letters.
  2. Our friends and family of course. No human being ever discovered will admit any relation with the Doctor of any kind, which is not really surprising among those who have suffered his presence.
  3. True, I guess he could have been hiding out with the high rollers somewhere on the strip. All things considered, I guess it would be more accurate to say that he was nowhere I willing to find him.