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For those of you who have remained strategically ignorant of my previous video endeavors, most likely by scorning my humoron-filled Weekend Bonuses in pursuit of life outside of the net, this bold technological leap forward may come as a bit of a shock.

You may be faced with several questions right about now. Deep, meaningful questions regarding the nature of image, substance, and mankind’s tenuous grasp of the obvious.

Those questions, however, don’t seem to match the answers I have prepared, so I thought we would stick to simpler ones, the kind answerable in one word or less.

Like these:

A Video Blog?

– Yes

Is this sort of thing really necessary?

– No, not really.

Must he be everywhere?1

– Yes. Yes he must. So much must he, that he may well write the remainder of this his post in the third person.

Or he may just cut to the video

That was the much vaunted Video Blog

(In case you’ve been comatose up to this point.)

Although doesn’t talk like a Memphian, it does Walk Like An Egyptian. is happy just to Walk Like A Man.

  1. As an added educational bonus the phonetic phrase “Musty be everywhere” is part of our new Talk Like A True Memphian speech program which proudly enables hapless internet victims to converse in the quaint idioms normally reserved for bluff city natives.

    Today’s phrase can be used to describe any manner of skunk-related roadkill.

    Just another thankless service of the Ominous Comma, recently voted most likely to use the words Dry Witty Humor for no apparent reason.