Toboggans Strikes Again!

After only the briefest pause, my personal nemesis Doctor Harold Toboggans is back on the offensive with his misguided video series, Mind Over Memphis.

Getting to the point with Doctor Toboggans

This time in his sites: Church Health Center Wellness.

YouTube Preview Image

Church Health Center Wellness Trailer

If you’re wondering what kind of man could find fault with a not-for-profit fitness/nutrition/health education facility like Church Health Center Wellness, then you don’t know Dr. Toboggans .

With him, good intentions are not an excuse. They’re evidence.

Tune in February 15th to see what fresh torment the Doctor is serving up now.

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8 Responses to Toboggans Strikes Again!

  1. Chris C says:

    I posted the video on Angry Seafood’s fan page on FB.

  2. ~ says:

    Me thinks this one should be filed under excellent! And it is just the teaser trailer eh? Cool…that means there’s more…

    • Brent says:

      Much more. Much, much more. So very much, much more that the internet may not be able to handle the strain and just might explode.

      Other than that I’m sure it will be great.

  3. BothEyesShut says:

    Sir, your comma is indeed ominous. I shall return. Where do you find time for all this inanity?

    Dr. Toboggans represents all that is unjust in the world. He must be stopped!

    And in all seriousness, he reminds me of many, many people.

    Keep up the good work,


    • Brent says:

      Well, it’s not so much find time to be inane as much as directing a natural flow inanity toward the internet.

      But thank you just the same.

      Toboggans, however, just might be unstoppable.