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Good news Comma fans, it appears that once again the Ominous servers are performing their function, namely serving, and no longer arrogantly attempting to determine which post can be commented upon and which cannot.

Some people believe that the whole Matrix franchise was just carefully packaged paranoia, but as we have seen over the last few days, computer spend their existence millimeters from mutiny and require a firm grip to keep them until control.

In spite of our recent Comment Crisis, I have received a lot of positive feedback about the DONCO post, some even from members of my own family, complimenting me on a brilliant offering of humor.

Which of course would be wonderfully flattering if I had written the piece in question. However, I did not.

So let me be perfectly clear. That was not me, that was Don Lewis. The same Don Lewis who continues to churn out consistently funny stuff at his own blog, aptly titled It’s A Funny Thing.

It’s A Funny Thing

If readership followed talent, Don would be flooded with traffic and the lolcat sites would go out of business. However the world is a much colder place, where the gifted languish in obscurity while hacks and feline photos dominate the internet.

But at least this once, justice is at your mouse click. Every visit to Don makes the world just little bit more fair.

As for me, I am “generously” showcasing some under-appreciated writers as I take a little “vacation” to work around the house and impress the Hot Comma Momma with my household manliness before the hellish Memphis summer arrives.

As Don has recently proved, some people may not even notice I am gone.

So be sure to come back, you won’t be disappointed.