Visible Schoool – Mind Over Memphis: Episode Two

In which Doctor Harold Toboggans, scourge of Memphis, interrogates Ken Steorts about Visible School, the pursuit of dreams, and other delusions of adequacy.

See it now.

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Mind Over Memphis – Visible School

As always you catch Doctor Toboggans own take on the story at his new url:

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2 Responses to Visible Schoool – Mind Over Memphis: Episode Two

  1. Greeneyezz says:

    Brent – lol What color is the sky in your world?? lol
    Funny stuff. You also put alot of thought and effort into your work.

    I had to comment.

    (I also just *had* to hear the crazy little man sing again.) :)

    I hope your holiday was a nice one. Peaceful and filled with love.