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Between family in town, friends in car accidents, and a lost dog, things have been a little busy around Ominous Comma World Headquarters.

Fortunately I have been able to crawl out of my den of excuses just long enough to whine in the direction of the caption contest entries and determine which ones have the stomach, or possibly the ear-protection, to proceed to the semi-finals.

And so, in no particular order here is the image and the caption for your selection. Choose wisely…Nazi’s might shoot your dad. Or curse you to an eternity of franchise sequels.

Brent Diggs Graduates


“E-Pluribi-rss” by TheMrs

“Another Satisfied DONCO Art School Graduate!” by don

“I see this on a t-shirt making me millions” by Creechman

“Brent demonstrates his first million dollar product concept: The one ring binder!” by diesel

“New college grad. No job, no money. Feed me.” by Jay

“Rainbows are pretty, even in black and white.” by Lynn

“Brent’s Graduation Ceremony: Proudly Sponsored by Feedburner” by Lord Likely

Democracy Ahead – Watch Your Step

Vote heartily my hearties, polls close Monday at 4 PM and I will post a winner most soonest thereafter.


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