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We’ve had a good turnout for the caption contest with submissions fairly flying from the fingers of frustrated cartoonists, former Hallmark employees, and unemployed OSHA inspectors everywhere. So with a minimum of fanfare I will now introduce the finalists for your consideration.


“A safety banner and a single piece of lumber are the only reminders of Arnie’s bachelor party and the limbo game that took three lives.” -by Wonderboy.

“The irony is that seven different people all suffered terrible injuries in trying to erect that sign.” -by Lord Likely

“Budget cuts had hit the Acme Stairs Company hard.” -by Wolf

“If no one sees me, it is!” – by Muskrat

“If not, let me get my camera.” -by Chris non-C

Now cast your votes with vigor for your favorite caption. Polls will close Thursday at midnight with the winner to be announced this upcoming weekend, just in time to bask in the glory and admiration of his/her peers or possibly in a shower of rotten fruit from the envious masses.

Such are the risks of greatness.

Happy Saturday.