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I am spending the weekend working on my roof and doing exciting site maintenance to this, my exciting site.

Before I am done the the dead links will rise, the Technorati feed will be healed, and multitudes of witty humor fans will be able to find this site via their favorite search engines.

While I am sweating and exerting myself you may read my previous attempt to convince Google that The Ominous Comma is an Important and high ranking source of Intelligent Humor.

You can also affix your gaze upon this lovely photo of the cleaned up, pimped out, wedding ready Comma Clan, recently taken in eastern bowels of Texas.

Brent Diggs and cleaned up Comma Clan

America’s Most Flaunted

Happy Weekend


If you’re still bored you can visit, or alltop, or even subscribe the gurgling fount of joy that is the Comma.

Of course you could also come help out with the roof.