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Happy Sunday everyone, here is an extra helping of generous content to help us all pull through the weekend.

Two wild and funny guys ~ the Ominous Comma

“We’re not looking down at you, we’re just looking down. Any sense of inferiority on your part must come from failing to subscribe to The Ominous Comma.”

And now some links:

Thatfunnyguy. An emergent new blogger who presents the first ever Doctor Toboggans fan fiction. Even Camille, the Hot Comma Momma, once mistook his writings for mine, a mistake she will be paying installments on for years to come.

Lolthulu. I’ll be honest, whenever I think of lolcats, my thought quickly turn to lolshotguns, loldynamite, and lolSchroedinger. I guess thats why I find this blog so refreshing.

Hint- To properly appreciate this site it helps to have a working knowledge of H.P. Lovecraft.

That’s all for now, check back on Tuesday for more fresh mayhem, humor, Memphis Humor, and any other search terms I manage to come up with.