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New from Toboggans Industries comes fast acting Adhesi-Core DT – the most powerful weight loss system in the known world.

Best Weight Loss Product Around

Adhesi-Core DT adds patented fat blockers and protein prevention to its already proven carb inhibitors for rapid weight loss without counting calories or unpleasant exercise.

Begin your weight loss today with Dr. Toboggan’s painfully easy three step system:

  • Measure out a generous quantity of Adhesi-Core DT calorie blocking strip from the handy Dispensing Roll™ and carefully tear it off.
  • Apply the strip just below the nose, and slightly above the chin.
  • Serve up all the same foods you normally would, and watch the pounds melt away.

Approved by the American Society of Easily Corrupted Experts, Adhesi-Core DT is proven to block dangerous trans fats, cholesterol, and even sodium for a leaner physique and a healthier you.

Janet C. of Columbia, Utah lost 177 pounds using Adhesi-Core DT and continues to use it today to keep those pounds far away. Listen to her rousing testimonial:

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That’s right Janet, Adhesi-Core DT is the best weight loss system in the world, simply because it works.

Call today to receive Adhesi-Core DT for sixty low daily payments of $19.75. Act now and receive this new S-1000 Adhesi-Core removal tool absolutely free.

Removal Tool

Don’t wait, operators are standing by, eager to put you on the path to sexy slimness and eternal youth.1 Call now.

Known side effect include: adhesive build up, asphyxiation, and difficulty applying lipstick. Consult your checkbook to see if Adhesi-Core DT is right for you.

  1. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA, however several MBAs thought it sounded great.