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Hey everyone I’m back, returned from my glorious second honeymoon, recharged and ready to write.

Well…all except for that last part.

It was a great trip. I won’t say our cabin was hard to find, but after 45 minutes of wandering around lost, on streets that could have passed for roller coaster tracks, we found this:


Which was only appropriate since I brought this gift for Camille:

Funny Farm Manuscript

If you don’t find this funny, I can only assume that you are tragically Funny Farm illiterate

(Get the cure here)

But we did find our romantic retreat eventually and had a wonderful time in the wilderness, with nothing but me, the HCM, some good books, and a view like this:*1

And now that we’re back, we are getting geared up for our daughter’s wedding which is now a mere three weeks away. In fact, I have to get ready for her wedding shower in just a few minutes.

I have some new ideas for this space but they are on the back burner for right now as I attempt the challenging task being more fully present in the lives of those I love.

Of course if you get bored here you can always visit me on facebook, twitter, or my new YouTube channel: What Brent Says.

Happy Sunday

See you soon

  1. And air conditioning…and a couch…and a pool table…and an air hockey table…and a foosball table…and a couple of hot tubs…but believe me, in our hearts we were really roughing it.