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About this time last year I wrote a couple of posts, Save Your Christmas and Bring a Light, in which I suggested that if christians were really dissatisfied with the way the Christmas story was being told by our society, they wouldn’t waste time with protests, but instead tell a better story.

I also introduced readers to the Advent Conspiracy and the growing idea of opting out of Christmas Incorporated in favor of smaller, saner, and more personal expressions of love and community.

advent conspiracy

This year my friends at Lifelink Memphis have really embraced the concept, and together we are spending all month exploring Christmas and ways to make it more meaningful, enjoyable, and fulfilling.

I believe we are on the trail of a better story, not just one more worth telling, but one more worth living.

Oh, and I’m leading one of the classes.

So if you find yourself in Memphis this December, join me Sundays at 9:30 for a closer look at the ideas of Advent Conspiracy and stay for service at 10:15.

The story is just getting good.

Lifelink Memphis
1015 Cooper
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