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Amazingly Funny Bands That Feature Me:

  • DangerCouch. Plaid, not just a food group, but a way of life. Help get me out of debt, buy our DVD now.

Humor Blogs:

  • Angry Seafood. The new home of Chris C (of Nothing To See Here fame.)
  • It’s a funny thing. Humor from a Northern Idaho madman.
  • Predator Press. Advanced humor from LOBO.
  • The Stinker. Intelligent humor, parallel site to the Thinker, both by Jeffrey Ellis.
  • The Skwib. A satire site by Mark A. Rayner who has displayed both grace and amazingly good taste by featuring some of my pieces.
  • Mattress Police. Very funny, Occasional strong language.




Humor Columns:

Humor- Cartoons and Charts:

  • Plooptionary. Charts, commentary, and all manner of good stuff. Funny but containing strong language.
  • Indexed. I can’t really explain it properly. If you have an appreciation for visual logic and humor, then you are rare among humans and will really enjoy this site.

Humor – Jokes, Videos, Etc:

Satire In Good Faith:

  • The Holy Observer. Gentle satire of the christian church in America. Guaranteed to provoke thoughtful recognition is some, and angry reactionism in others.


Memphis Friends:

  • R M Designs. Roann Mathias is an artist and a friend of mine. In addition to her beautiful calligraphy, she is an excellent person to talk with about creativity, art, and the delicate balance of creative endeavors and family. Check out her work, her seminar schedule, and her blog.
  • Visible School. This is what brought me to Memphis and where I met the Danger Couch crew. Alumni are scattered around the world in vain attempt to avoid me, but with my dazzling new internet presence, it’s only a matter of time until I track them down.
  • Life in M-Town. Friends and fellow Memphis immigrants/commiserators. Passionate and outspoken. Now fortified with the Recommended Daily Allowance of Maisie.

Southern Writers:

Gone But Not Forgotten:

Blog Reviews:

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