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The 2008 Absolute Bestest Incomprehensive Awards Ceremony Ever Held By Predator Press in the History of Humanity!

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If you enjoy The Ominous Comma and would like to contribute to its mission of worldwide public entertainment and comic prominence, there are a few relatively painless things you can do to help spread the news and joy of its humorous existence to your fellow man, woman, or alien being.


First and easiest – Click upon the banner below to cast your vote for The Ominous Comma upon, a major source of fresh visitors for this beloved site.

With your vote, not only will the Comma’s proud banner rise higher on that mighty listing, but you yourself will be rewarded for your democratic participation with a plethora of original humor from what is arguably one of the best directories of funny blogs in existence today.

You now have to sign up with this service to vote but it is totally worth it (to me.) So let your vote be heard often.


If you have a blog, website, or other internet real estate, you can link to the Comma on your blogroll, or with this conveniently prepared piece of fancy linking code that you can drop into nearly any sentence on nearly any post for an instant infusion of style, class, and Comma connectivity.

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Which when translated into humaneese looks a lot like this: the witty humor of Brent Diggs

For example:

“In a recent press conference, Hillary Clinton blamed the sluggish economy on high unemployment, lower than expected corporate earnings, and the witty humor of Brent Diggs.”


“Authorities say that if not for the witty humor of Brent Diggs, the recent environmental damage would have been much less.”


If you have hard currency lining your pockets and need a way to atone for your blatantly capitalistic “job”, “investments”, or “lottery winnings” you may clear your conscience with the handy soul-squeegeeing button below.

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Humor production is very thirsty work. Please contribute to my continued caffeination.

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