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A surprisingly long time ago I announced to the internet that I may (or may not) have returned to blogging.

And then silence descended upon this site.

Well I have been back….

Just not here.

Instead I have been laboring furiously at Mind Over Memphis, the new, new home of our own Doctor Harold Toboggans.

I’ve even started a podcast.

So while I still intend to write here occasionally, most of my output will most likely remain over there.

Be sure to stop by for a visit.


The Center Strikes Back – Mind Over Memphis: Episode Seven

In which the ever-egomaniacal Doctor Harold Toboggans concludes his three-part assault on Church Health Center Wellness.

Will he finally cure the Center of its not-for-profit orientation? Does he ever find the elusive Dr Scott Morris? Can he truly prevent prevention?

Discover the answer to these and many more questions in this earth-shattering video.

The Center Strikes Back

As much as I would like to believe otherwise, I’m afraid we’ve not seen the last of Dr Toboggans. I have no doubt that entirely too soon he’ll be fully recovered and inflicting himself yet again upon the defenseless city.


Forbes Memphis Misery – Mind Over Memphis: Episode 6

In the now infamous Forbes article, Memphis was declared to be the third most miserable city in America. For therapist Dr Harold Toboggans this came as good news, for in his school of psychiatry, misery equals money.

Join the good Doctor as he takes to Beale Street and interviews some St Patrick’s Day revelers about their views on the true misery level of Memphis.

Forbes Memphis Misery

And in two weeks…Church Health Center intervention part three: The Center Strikes Back

Enter The Wellness – Mind Over Memphis: Episode Four

In which Doctor Harold Toboggans launches the first installment of his three-part mini-session at Church Health Center Wellness, dedicating himself to “cure” that fine facility from its emphasis on illness prevention and worse still, its not-for-profit approach to medicine.

Enter the Wellness

And don’t miss the second session: “Night of the Livid Nutrition” coming to internets everywhere March 1st.

Church Health Center

Find out more about Church Health Center Wellness here.