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Cerebitol AZ – Anti Zombie Patch

Sometimes incredible just isn’t good enough.

Last May, when the revolutionary Zombies Anonymous program was introduced, it was met with rave reviews and hundreds of overjoyed customers.

Dr Toboggans and patient

But Doctor Harold Toboggans wasn’t satisfied.

He knew that there must be something more, something that he and the dedicated staff at Toboggans Industries could do to relieve those reanimated wretches from their undead suffering and unspent cash.

He thought deeply

He released directives and commissioned programs.

He reorganized the corporation, refinanced the lab, and refolded his socks.

And then, after nearly a full day of grueling research and untold minutes of clinical trials, Doctor Toboggans introduced Cerebitol AZ – the ultimate topical application anti-zombitory patch.

Anti Zombie Patch Box

Cerebitol AZ – Anti Zombie Patch

Made from synthetic neurotransmitters and genuine cranial extracts, Cerebitol AZ offers unprecedented 12 hour freedom from the symptoms of zombieism.

With Cerebitol AZ you can:

  • Control your craving for brains
  • Cut down on between meal snacking
  • Gain relief from the discomfort of Chronic Deceased Syndrome

Don’t believe it? We don’t blame you, but see for yourself as Doctor Toboggans demonstrates Cerebitol AZ on the undead citizens of Memphis.

Anti Zombie Patch

With the combined power of Cerebitol AZ and Zombies Anonymous, not to mention the limitless genius of  Doctor Harold Toboggans, you can at last leave your lurching lust for human tissue behind.

Only from Toboggans Industries – Life Improvement for the Success Deficient.

Memphis Zombies Disperse – The Doctor Survives

Memphis Zombies Disperse – The Doctor Survives

Reports have been flooding in regarding Doctor Harold Toboggans’ appearance last night at the Memphis Zombie Massacre. Against all my fondest hope and sincerest wishes, the Doctor was not eaten, beaten, or even maimed by the undead hordes but instead seamed to find some common ground with those desperate souls.

Probably the thirst for blood, I’m guessing.

Although I have not run across his unpleasant presence here at the house, I know he must have been somewhere near because I’ve found what can only be a page from his diary.

Despite my better judgment and the real possibility of corrupting minors, I have posted it here for you to read:

April 24, MemphisAt last I have found a group of individuals who are appreciative, if not actually worthy, of my substantial gifts and contributions to humanity.

Or unhumanity as seems to be the case.

These zombies, these undead wretches of former humanity, display suffering and pain and undisguised need on a scare I’ve scarcely seen.

It has stirred an unfamiliar sensation within me. It must be this compassion I have heard so much about.

Fortunately, I have a pill for that.

With my focus properly renewed, I noticed that these zombies seemed quite well dressed for being dead. It makes me wonder what other remnants of their former lives they might be persuaded to part with.

After all, what good are credit card numbers and trust funds when you are, in fact, deceased?


Poor zombies, they never saw it coming.

I found some more pictures and a video of the doctor’s exploits on my Flickr account. I don’t know how they got there but you should see them for yourself.

Also, you can see this program he is pitching at Zombies Anonymous.

Watch for further updates here and on the Doctor’s facebook page.


The Doctor weighs in with his opinion of the event over at
The adventures of Doctor Harold Toboggans.

Photo credit JLR Photography


Who will prevail?

Find out Friday April 24.

On the the streets of Memphis.

Well…not all of them. But Beale street for sure, and Third street, and Second.

And quite a bit of Main.

Don’t miss your chance to see Doctor Toboggans in person. You’ll not regret it.