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Trophy Blog

As a selfless person of great generosity I am offering you the services of The Ominous Comma for use as a trophy blog.

Much like a trophy wife, husband, or eunuch, the role the Comma will be to primp, preen, and adorn your blog, generally making everyone wonder what it sees in you. Visitors will be filled with envy, rivals will be filled with chagrin, and everyone will realize once and for all that you have finally arrived.

You may be wondering what catch there is to such an offer. There is none. Simply add The Ominous Comma to your blogroll to display to the world your tasteful elegance and raw power. I don’t need a ring but if you are really into jewelry, you can display this badge of trophyship upon your site.

The Comma is My Trophy

Use this code if you please:

Link me anytime. I’m ready.