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Halloween Tragedy In Progress

I interrupt my chronic abandonment of this blog to bring you the following announcement: After a long and comforting absence, Dr Harold Toboggans has been sighted again in Memphis.

Reliable sources confirm rumors that the infamous psychoanalyst is set to attend the Cooper Young Trunk or Treat celebration this Sunday, October 31st. The event is scheduled to run from 4pm to 6pm at 1015 Cooper Ave, so, in the interest of safety, I suggest you all head to Arkansas.

Amazingly, the Doctor is already blogging about this hideous new plan over at the Mind Over Memphis site.

The brave/foolhardy can find more details on the impending Trunk or Treat tragedy here.

What the Dysfunction?

As you might have notice, I’m having trouble with my Comma.

As in so many other endeavors timing is everything, and this timing is a little rough.

Currently I am:

  • Co-producing Doctor Toboggans’s upcoming video series Mind Over Memphis
  • Spinning up to host the new series
  • Handling a large and unexpected new project at my day job
  • Prepping Doctor Toboggans for a month long evening gig
  • Putting together a conference presentation on “The Blog as an Art Form”

…And now bolting the Ominous Comma back together again.

Needless to say, I’m going to be busy. Feel free to comment in with reminders to eat and sleep and breathe.

I’ll probably need it.

Happy Sunday

Doctor Toboggans Threatens Cooper Young Fest

Therapist, eyesore, and my own personal nightmare Doctor Harold Toboggans is threatening the Cooper Young Festival with his presence this year, according to sources with the misfortune of being close to him.

Insiders deep within the squalid confines of Toboggans Industries, say that the Doctor is intent on “curing” the estimated eighty-five thousand people expected to attend the festival from some new mental scourge that he won’t describe.

Like a James Bond villain, he even monologued about it at some depth on his tacky new site

My advice: run. – From Dream To Disturbing Reality

Good people of the internet, I bring you troubling news.

For two-and-a-half years I have taken it upon myself to contain Doctor Harold Toboggans and his hideous plague of smugness, vitriol, and sheer arrogance, using myself and this site like a human shield, or more appropriately, like a military grade petri dish.

Poor Infected Blog

But all bad things must come to an end eventually, and Doctor Toboggans has decided that The Ominous Comma is just not big enough for the both of us.

And his ego.

So he has created his own headquarters at, scorning all my efforts to assist him in design, aesthetics, or usability.

The results are not pretty.

It’s definitely not web 2.0.

I’m not sure it’s even web .0002.

It is, like everything else about him, painfully tacky.

I know you will want to rush out and see this new eyesore of the interwaves right away, but be careful, Toboggans is no one to be trifled with.

Even Google seems to be no match for our Doctor.

Witness how quickly he got his Google account reinstated after I had it banned on Gmail last week.

But if you simply must visit his new site, I think this Saturday would be a relatively safe time. I hear from reliable sources that he will be out and about in Memphis filming  interviews for his new video series.

Remember, now that he is out on his own, it will be more important that ever to help me keep an eye on Dr. Toboggans on the major social networks. Please befriend him here:





And report back to me with any suspicious activities you observe.

Happy Friday-Eve