Just who is this Brent Diggs?

I’ve been working on that question for a very long time and I still don’t have a good answer, but let’s see if this helps:

Brent Diggs poses between intense authoring sessions

I am the former marine once reprimanded for “thinking too much.”

I am the father who recently shared college classes with his daughter.

I am the musician that fell in love with the rhythm of prose.

I am the American looking for a better dream than what’s currently for sale.

I am the man of faith disappointed by the loud yet shallow state of American christianity.

I am a writer, public speaker, and humorist, and available for work in those areas. (contact)

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Authorship disclaimer

Brent Diggs is an author. In fact, he authors this very site. Moreover,1 every last word on this site has been written and authored by Brent Diggs. You simply cannot get any more authorly than this man.



  1. Use of the word “moreover” is one of the surest signs of professional authorship, as is the free coinage of silly new words without regard for Shakespeare, the King’s English, or the plight of overworked dictionary publishers.

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