Blagggghhhhh – A Complete and Utter Loss of Motivation

I don’t want to write right now.

And of all the many things I don’t want to write at this moment, I think what I most not want to write is this sentence right here.

I hate this sentence.

Everything about it.

Its length, its wording, that fact that it’s coming from my keyboard.

I despise it all.

And if there is anything on this entire planet that I hate more that that sentence up there, I think it must be this one right here.

Because the only thing worse than a despicable series of phrases, is a second one, drawing attention to the first.

In fact, it wouldn’t be too much to say that this entire article is fully loathsome from beginning to end.

So much so, I can’t believe I am still writing it.

But on I go, in a senseless display of literary self-torment.

I don’t do this merely because I am a sick and twisted individual, addicted to my own pain.

No it’s worse than that.


I do it because I practice a very specific type of masochism, known simply as Writing, and with this particular disorder the only thing worse than to indulge in it, is not to.

Don’t feel sorry for me, I have enough self-pity for us all.

That is all.

For today.

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Thank you.
Thank you ever so much for bearing this burden on my behalf.
Not that I won’t feel the burden to write anyway, but I won’t have to express why I’m not writing and how difficult it is to write and to not write. Or how difficult it is not to write and to write.

Great discourse! I get these surges where I can’t write fast enough -Terri has seen me write nonstop for 16 hours straight. But then I’ll get these spans -sometimes weeks- when I’ve got nothing. The latter, in full extreme, can be alarming too: I start thinking “Maybe it’s over already.”

Assuming this little gem is based on an acorn of truth, I can only recommend you don’t sweat it … Mozart didn’t compose a symphony every day.

Sixteen hours? Are you serious? I’ve always wondered how you posted so much and now I know…caffeine enemas.

But seriously, I’m just a little burned out right now from working too hard too long.

And I’m starting to remember how there’s nothing like public therapy to whip yourself into shape.

Its ok, Brent. This sentence hates you too.

Btw, caffeine enema??? All together now……. eeeeeehhhwwww!

“I do it because I practice a very specific type of masochism, known simply as Writing, and with this particular disorder the only thing worse than to indulge in it, is not to.”

So it took a serious case of “writer’s block” to come up with that? Damn you’re good.

How dare you not understand that we don’t want to read perfection all the time. This has been the most interesting post in quite some time. Now suck up all that joint pain and give us more crappy posts like this one…it’s working.

Let’s make sure I understand here:

Pain is good – Check.

Crappy is good – Check.

Get to work – Check.

I think I got it. Thanks Debbie.

I forgot to put “crappy” in quotes…like I just did right there.

Now don’t be so smug.

(Shaking her head and rolling her eyes)

mumble….mumble…..who does he think….mumble…

Ive found that the best way to get from the top of the page to the bottom is to keep putting one word in front of the other. You’re doing a fine job. :)

Why do I feel like there’s an animated Christmas special coming on?

“…Just put onnnnnnne word in frooooont of the otherrrrr….”

Good advice, none the less. Thank you Leenua.

“keep putting one word in front of the other..”
I think thats where the problem lies. Unless you’re writing Arabic, most writers place one word after the other.
Otherwise like many pontificating procrastinators one tends to get ahead of oneself.

Aha, you intend being funny young Brent.
But extend yourself for just one moment,
I defend that plural has the S not spent,
to mend the singular an S must append.

eg. He defends himself but they defend not him.

Been there, done that…although for me, it’s just what I call The Blah! I’m still having a hard time shaking it from earlier this month when I had the flu. Oh, and this? No, this doesn’t help. ;)

Haha. I suffer from the same thing, brother.

But time heals all. If you are patient, this hossible case of… writing… will go away and you will be able to carry out your every day activities.

Such as:

Walking. (Occasionally running.)
Doing the nasty.
And eating.

Writing is spreading worse than the swine flu.
And once you got it, it grows on you like a conjoined twin..

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