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Thank you for visit to The Ominous Comma. Your very presence upon my humble site has sent radiating waves of awesomality ricocheting throughout the entire internet.

Waves of awesomeness radiating from the Comma

Thank you also for contributing to the ongoing conversation; your input was both thoughtful and inspiring…unless of course you just typed in a Fibonacci sequence or recent census data. In that case you need to get out more.

But anyway, if you enjoyed your time here and would like stay apprised of our adventures, you can subscribe to the Comma by email or in a feedreader of your choosing.

There’s no pressure here but if don’t subscribe I’ll probably cry myself to sleep, facedown in a giant bowel of chocolate ice cream. And I don’t think you want to explain to my cardiologist how all that cholesterol got into my veins…not to mention my sinuses.

Thanks again