The Joy of Friday

Happy Friday everyone, and congratulations on making it through another week. Yes, I know that not all of you are in my time zone, and that where you live it may not actually be Friday anymore/yet/ever. That’s okay. I am confident that anyone with the intelligence and good taste to discover the Comma from the disadvantage of a foreign culture will also be up to the task of making it through one more day.

Most people are unaware that Friday was actually named for Frida Kahlo…who made a name for herself by painting people’s internal organs floating outside their bodies

I love Fridays. I really love them. In fact I have taken it upon myself to be the official Friday spokesmen and director of promotions. Whenever I find people in distress, I remind them of the upcoming Friday; whenever I find people bored or longing for education, I like to share little known Friday facts. For example, most people are unaware that this twenty-four hour period we call Friday was actually named for Frida Kahlo, the late monobrowed artist who made a name for herself by painting people’s internal organs floating outside their bodies. I won’t go into all the details of how the citizens of ancient times named a day of the week after a modern artist, but let’s just say that there is a very good reason why art students are not allowed access to time machines.

Despite it’s unusual name, Fridays are my favorite. They always come packed with hope and the promise of two days rest. Not every weekend lives up to this lofty expectation, but I can never bring myself to fault Friday for any failings that Saturday or Sunday might bring. Friday gets credit for the imminent weekend just as Monday gets the blame for its expiration. I know it’s not fair, but that does nothing to change my high opinion of Fridays.

I love Fridays so much that I have even started referring to Thursdays as “Friday Eve,” which seems to really confuse people.

Me: “Happy Friday Eve!”
Confused Bystander
: “But it’s not Friday.”
Me: “True”
CB: “It’s not even nighttime.”
Me: “Also correct.”
CB: “Did you take your Lithium today?”

Then I joyfully explain that just as the entire day before Christmas is known as Christmas Eve, in the same way the day before Friday can be referred to as Friday Eve.

This is usually enough to end any conversation.1

You might think that it would be easy to be an ambassador for a day as already highly regarded as Friday, but as you can see, it is often hard and thankless work. There are no commissions, no corporate sponsors, not even a catchy slogan.

Only the pride of a job well done.

Happy Friday.


This article brought to you by the Friday Preservation Society,
As long as there are Mondays, we’ll be working on a cure.

  1. Although it might seem strange to the readers of this publication, the skills of philosophical wordplay are just not valued by our society to the same extent as other talents, such as basketball, tax preparation, or even janitorial proficiency. I am told that at one time a good story could earn the teller food and shelter for the night. The most mine have ever earned me are funny looks and furious whispers at work. Apparently, the diaper of Time was full and had to be changed.