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How I Got Married On Facebook – The Video

After nearly twenty years with The Hot Comma Momma, I have decided to make an honest woman out of her.

Already, I know a host of husbands are leaning closer to their screens; anxious to discover what manner of experimental therapy I have pioneered borrowed from Doctor Toboggans to deliver such breathtaking results.

This task, one that many would say required an army of specialists, psychiatrists, and a thorough submersion in truth serum, has been accomplished with the most unassuming of treatments: Facebook.

After untold months of godless cohabitation, our social profiles were at last joined in networking matrimony.

Here is a firsthand account of the whole affair:

I am thinking about holding the reception on Flickr or maybe Twitter.

MySpace offered to host it, and their rates are reasonable, but illiterate teenage drama gives me a rash.

What do you suggest?

Are you on Facebook? Add the Ominous Comma to your Facebook experience.
You can also add Doctor Toboggans to your Facebook experience, but I don’t really recommend it.

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Weekend Bonus Video- Stimulus Package

Happy weekend everyone.

Despite appearing to be ever bit as dormant as pork-belly futures, the Buck-O-Quest Economic Recovery series lives on.

In this moving installment we witness the irresistible power of chocolate as applied to our current stagnant situation.

A big thanks to Comma Girl and SPF-100 for their generous and uncoerced assistance, Daddy was only kidding about being grounded until Christmas.

Thanks also to Roann for supplying the cure to all out woes: crispy chocolate Toboggans.

Psychiatric Snacks

If only the doctor were so deliciously helpful. Or as silent

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