City on a Hill

Once upon a time there was this guy named Jesus, you might have heard of him or even read his book.

One time at a major public address, he said that the people that followed him would be like a city on a hill: unmistakable, un-missable, un-hideable. A prominent feature on the skyline of society.

Which sounded kind of strange…until he described what his followers would be about. They would feed the hungry, they would clothe the poor, they would visit prisoners.

Not as a way to score points or impress people, but as a way to worship God.

Instead of courting favor from the powerful, they would serve and protect the powerless. They would not strive for wealth or status, but instead their success would be defined by the degree with which they were able to serve others.

And the metaphor fit, for a group of people that genuinely loved others without condition or reciprocation would be hard to miss.

But they have been missed. Sorely missed.

Although today more people today claim the title of christian than ever before, as a group they…okay, we… have never been more unrecognized, undistinguished, insular, and well…flat.

So much so, that at least in America, many now resort to advertising how different they are on billboards, t-shirts, bumper stickers, or any available surface, often ironically declaring their uniqueness in the most unoriginal styles possible.

So Close And Yet Completely Wrong

Which leads me to wonder…perhaps what the world really needs is not more hype, but rather more height.

Is it possible?

Hit me with your best thought.


Thank You, Justin – The Worlds Shortest Comedy Sketch

Yet another weekend bonus from the copious coffers of Comma content.

The scene opens on two executives seated at a large and imposing conference table. Fear marks the faces of these once proud men. The air is thick with tension and the smell of sweaty Italian shoes..

Number One: We’ve got a problem.

Number Two: Sexy?

Number One: Yes. It’s gone.

Number Two: This is bad,

Number One: Very bad.

The door opens abruptly, the upper torso of Number Three, a young woman, extends into the room.

Number One: I told you not to interrupt–

Number Three: But it’s Timberlake, he’s bringing sexy back!

A sound like the escaping helium of a downed dirigible is heard from Number One’s lips.

Number One: Thank God.

Number Two: We’re saved!


Bringin’ it Back ~ the Ominous Comma

Are you guys blind? It was over there the whole time. ”


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