Thank You, Justin – The Worlds Shortest Comedy Sketch

Yet another weekend bonus from the copious coffers of Comma content.

The scene opens on two executives seated at a large and imposing conference table. Fear marks the faces of these once proud men. The air is thick with tension and the smell of sweaty Italian shoes..

Number One: We’ve got a problem.

Number Two: Sexy?

Number One: Yes. It’s gone.

Number Two: This is bad,

Number One: Very bad.

The door opens abruptly, the upper torso of Number Three, a young woman, extends into the room.

Number One: I told you not to interrupt–

Number Three: But it’s Timberlake, he’s bringing sexy back!

A sound like the escaping helium of a downed dirigible is heard from Number One’s lips.

Number One: Thank God.

Number Two: We’re saved!


Bringin’ it Back ~ the Ominous Comma

Are you guys blind? It was over there the whole time. ”


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